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Who We Are

One person dies every 19 minutes from their addiction with opioids. Three people die of a drug overdose in Virginia everyday.

StrongWILL's Mission


The purpose of StrongWILL is to raise awareness for drug addiction, to provide information regarding recovery and treatment programs, positive role modeling to youth and individuals struggling with addiction through instructional services, community services, fundraising, and speaking engagements in local communities.


StrongWILL is a 501c3 organization driven by a focus of bringing unity while raising awareness for substance abuse addiction and support in our community. We collaborate with other local organizations to fundraise at a grassroots level to benefit foundations in our locality who assist those affected by this devastating epidemic.

Currently, our primary philanthropic event is the StrongWILL fun run/ walk which is held annually during the Driver Days festival in Suffolk, VA. The event consists of a 5k (3.1 mile) fun run or walk for both adults and children located at the captivating Suffolk Seaboard Coastline Trail.


Our success relies on support from community members and established businesses to gain popularity and to provide for the events each year. We wholeheartedly appreciate your generous contribution in each step in our mission of making an impact and giving voice to those who may not always speak. 

A special thank you to Driver Volunteer Fire Department and the Driver Merchant Association for partnering with us to host our annual event


After annual costs and budgets are accounted for, StrongWILL donates any additional proceeds to local organizations.  This year we are excited to announce “RUN for RECOVERY”, a partnership between StrongWILL and Faith Recovery.  Faith Recovery is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the restoration of lives and families that have been devastated by drug addiction and alcoholism. All proceeds will go to provide opportunities for those seeking recovery at Faith Recovery.

To see our past donations, please click on the button below. 

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